10 Pretty Swirl PhotoShop Brushes

June 27, 2013 | Written by Rawaf W | in Freebies Web Design | 1 comment

Today, I’m showcasing a number of interesting free stuff are Photoshop brushes that are detailed with lots of vibrancy and movements. Swirl brushes are composed of smooth, swirly and curly shaped elements.They make the overall design look enchanting. These swirl brushes can be used as borders in flyers, posters, brochures and different print materials and illustrations.

Here are the 10 Pretty Swirl Brushes for Free Download.Give your work an elegant and classy look by incorporating these swirl brushes in your design. Always check the details of these brushes and the terms of usage before you apply them in your commercial design projects. Have fun!

Floral Swirl Brushes


Vector Swirl


Spiky Swirls


Grunge Swirl


Fractal Swirls


Light Swirls


Vintage Swirls


Christmas Swirls Brushes


Spiderweb Swirls


Love A Swirl


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